Beers of The World: Southeast Asia

After traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia, I felt I needed to share my experiences with the delicious and unique beers I tried while there. Even if you’re not a beer drinker, I recommend you at least give one of these a try if you travel to this part of the world. Also, wine in Vietnam and Cambodia is very expensive due to the fact that they neither have the weather nor resources to produce their own , which means they have to import it and that just adds to the cost.

Angkor Beer

Origin: Sihanoukville, Cambodia / Type: Lager

Bia Cambodia

Origin: Shihanoukville, Cambodia / Type: Lager

Angkor Extra Stout

Origin: Sihanoukville, Cambodia / Type: Stout


Origin: Singapore / Type: Lager

Truc Bach

Origin: Hanoi, Vietnam / Type: Lager

Bia Hanoi

Origin: Hanoi, Vietnam / Type: Lager

Bia Saigon

Origin: Saigon, Vietnam / Type: Lager

As you can see, most of the beers on this list are lagers. This is because the weather is so hot and humid in Cambodia and Vietnam that the only thing you can drink comfortably in that type of heat are light beers. You can find some dark beers, like stouts, but the selection is very minuscule.

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